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    PXE booting client using Managed WinPE doesn't populate in Console


      So I have some questions about the behavior of the PXE holding Queue and the PXE boot opition:  MANAGED WinPE


      In reading the LDMS 9.0 training manual and the help file in the console, I expect the following behavior:


      If I configure the PXE services on my core to make my PXE Rep a HOLDING QUEUE PROXY, then any computer that I boot via PXE and select MANAGED WinPE will then appear in the console's PXE HOLDING QUEUE.





      • I have a bare metal computer that I want to run tasks against using the LDMS 9.0 Console.
      • I have booted the machine via PXE to MANAGED WinPE and expected it to appear in both the PXE HOLDING QUEUE and in the ALL DEVICES network view.
      • neither has happend; the machine does not appear in the console anywhere.  I currently have only 20 machines in the console so I know I'm not overlooking the computer



      I have observed that the bare metal computer boots as advertised and that it reports a successful communication with the landesk core; but the console window in WinPE doesn't last very long before it closes; the last thing that I see is "THIS IS PXE" or something like that.





      How to I get my computers to associate with the LDMS console using PXE.  I know I am supposed to do this and I hoped to use the PXE holding queue...but if the computers never show up in the console then I'm stuck.





      Supporting documentation:


      ->from the console help file:


      Booting devices with PXE

      When a PXE-enabled device boots, the following occurs:

      1. The PXE-enabled device sends out a query for PXE services running on a PXE representative on the network.
      2. If a PXE representative exists on the subnet, it responds and tells the device to continue to boot using PXE.
      3. A PXE boot session is initiated on the device and the PXE boot prompt displays. The default prompt message displays for four seconds and says "Press F8 to view menu." (You can modify these PXE boot prompt settings on the Configure > Services > OS deployment tab.)
      4. If the F8 key is pressed before the countdown expires, a preliminary PXE boot menu appears, allowing you to choose from the following boot options:
      • Local boot: The device boots to the local hard drive. If no OS is present, an error message appears.
      • LANDesk managed boot: The device is added to the console's network view (displays the device's MAC address), where you can schedule an OS deployment script to run on it.


      ->from the Landesk LDMS 9.0 training book; pg 70


      to place computers in teh holding queue....

      .....Any computer booting to the PXE with PXE representative is a holding queue proxy, and it will be added to the holding queue automatically".


      ***my typing is EXACTLY what is in the book; which is poorly written; still I take this to mean that a PXE rep which is a Holding Queue Proxy will then automatically dump any machine which contacts it into the PXE holding queue***


      from page 76, an activity:


      11. reboot the client to PXE

      12. press F8

      13.  highlight Managed WinPE

      14. press enter

      15. return to the core server

      16. from entwork view expand CONFIGURATION

      17. select PXE HOLDING QUEUE

      18. verify the computer is in the holding queue





      ....I am doing these things but I can't see the machine in the console.  HELP!