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    Why doesn't LDAV catch "AV Security Suite"?


      Why doesn't LDAV catch "AV Security Suite"?  We use landesk antivirus on all our PCs and we are being hit with the "AV Security Suite"virus/trojan.  The first to be hit was our CIO and his definitions were current but the torjan still caused havoc on his PC.  Since, 2 other users have been infected with one of them destroying the OS which is not a normal trend of this virus from what I have read.

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          In your AV settings do you have "Scan for risky software in a ddition to viruses" checked? AV Security Suite is considered a Malware more specifically a ransomware program. This will not detect under the normal Virus scan but would if scan for risky software is checked. It is also advisable to have the Hueristic scanning checked in both the realtime and the Virus scan section.


          If these option are checked and the client is still being infected. We will need a sample of the infected file because it is a new varient of the program that kaspersky will need to look at and add defintions as needed.