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    Redeploy of MSI / SWD packages after switching to new Core server



      We are in the process of moving from an old LANDesk Core Server (v8.6) to a new LANDesk Core Server (v8.7 SP3). This is not a migration of an old machine, but a new machine is installed along the old one.



      We move the machines by deploying a LANDesk Agent from the new LD8.7 Core server. This works fine, but when it comes to the deploying of the software, all software is being redeployed. While most sofware does not really care of being redeployed, some software gets damaged. This is really a big pain for us.



      We make use of Policy based pull distribution of software. LDAP Queries are being used to target machines and the software is being deployed using the AMCLIENT.EXE /APM command. We have chosen not to migrate the distribution packages and scheduled tasks from the old environment but to completely define new distribution packages and scheduled tasks. But although the definitions are new, why are MSI / SWD packages being redeployed? Why isn't there a check performed by LANDesk?




      How can we prevent that MSI packages are being redeployed? The LANDesk distribution mechanism should be smart enough to detect if software is already installed before attempting to deploy software. We had the same problem when we moved from LD8.5 to LD8.6 a year earlier and we hoped it would be solved by now...



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          zman Master

          OK, sounds like you have a new core. Did you recreate all your Distribution Package on the core or did you migrate them over to the new core? I'm assuming since these package are reinstalling they are Required. I think (could be wrong) that if the Distribution Packages were recreated then th GUID would be different.  When Amclient runs it see this as a new package and not being installed, and runs again.  All this information is held in the reg (user portion since it is user based policy). There used to be a good KB article on the location, but I can't seem to find it in the new community. This will also happen with machine based policies if they were recreated since the guid is the package taskid (e.g., {Package-1374}).You can look at the guids here:




           Machine based - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\Ap pHealing\Agent\AMClient\APM\PolicyCache 
          User based - HKEY_CURRENT USER\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\Ap pHealing\Agent\AMClient\APM\PolicyCache




          One thing that always confused me, and believe me that is easy is the Detection option in Distribution Packages. This is only for dependent packages.  You could use a prerequisite that looks for the package in question. In this way the main package will not install if the prerequisite fails. Of course this all assumes that you recreated the distro packages and there is not something else wrong, and you don't have a crap full amout of packages to work on.




          Found old link



          How to Import and Export Distribution Packages and Delivery Methods

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            I think this is another candidate for the enhancement to have an option to use  "Detection" on the "Primary package" or force it to redeploy.  Right now, it always redeploys, though I haven't researched this in 8.8, I didn't hear about it changing.

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              You can set up a Prerequisite query though that makes the install no occur


              You could also wrap the installer in a batch file or something else that returns an success immediately if the software is already installed.  That doesn't help keep it from downloading the software to cache and is a lot of work, so I would recommend the prerequisite query.