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    Cleanup \patches folder


      Hello everyone, I've got some questions... As a new LANDesk admin, this has all been a learning process for me and I'm still learning. I've tried to go over a few things and research the community's best known methods for patch manager, but it seems that most LANDesk users have installed some mod on their core that automatically cleans up things such as the \patches folder. This is not an option for me.

      I am using LDMS 8.7 SP5

      I do have a few questions:

      We have several GB of "junk" in our \patches folder.

      What does the "Flame" button do in the security and patch manager? It has something to do with purging the database, but does this in any way relate to the \patches folder?

      Can I just delete everything in the \patches folder and will it auto-populate with the patches that I have set to autofix when I re-download the patches?

      We had over a thousand patches in our "Scan" folder/group in the security and patch manager... We only have about 70~ patches that are set to autofix. I moved all but these few into the "Do not scan" folder/group.

      What do these folders/groups do, and how would they relate to our machines on the floor? Meaning if we don't patch Apple/MAC with LANDesk, why are we scanning for the latest Safari upgrade, or FireFox, or anything that has to do with MAC? I know that in the end this would probably come down to management here, but I want to know what the relation between these folders/groups in security and patch manager is to the computers out in production.


      Please feel free to ask and I'll answer as best I can. Thanks for your help!