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    Cannot get Win7 HII to work, what am I doing wrong?


      So I've read the Win7 deployment BKM, HII quick start guide, and every other PDF/Doc I can get my hands on and I still am not doing this right. Here's what I'm doing:


      Load all of the necessary Windows 7 32bit drivers into the HII section

      Install Windows 7 on Optiplex 780

      When at the first welcome screen, I CRTL+SHIFT+F3 to go into audit mode.

      Install applications and make changes

      run sysprep with /oobe and /generalize

      Capture the image

      Create deploy script selecting the HII option

      Deploy image to Optiplex 755

      After the image deploys it (looks like) downloads all the drivers for it

      Starting to boot into Windows 7: Windows could not finish configuring the system


      Although I have been using OSD in LANDesk for over two years now, I can't seem to figure this out, and I've wasted a lot of time trying. Is there some other guide that I'm missing that will hold my hand through this process? I'm using LDMS 9.0SP1.