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    Dropdown List with Query


      I have a query within a dropdown list which does not render properly . It contains the record navigation controls and the goto and search buttons all of which I don't want. Also the list is empty. How do I get rid of these buttons/controls and how to I get the data to show in the list . The query when run on its own works fine.

      I have attached a screenshot and the control is at the bottom left on the screen.

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          If you use that sort of control on your window, you'll always have those controls.  That control is useful in that you can select seveal items at the same time from the contents and copy them into a text attribute.


          To use your query and let it appear as a 'normal' drop down list, you'll need to change slightly the way you add it.  If your query is written against (say) the user object, then you drag the user object onto your incident object, answer no to the question asked and then rename your newly created list attribute to what you'd like it to be called.  If you paint this attribute onto the window and then use that window, this new attribute will contain a list of all users.  Change the property Query of this attribute to be the query you created and the contents will just be the results set of your query.

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            Dave, Thanks for your  response which is helpful. The other question here then is why I don't actually see any data when the window is opened with this control.

            I can see the search buttons etc... but no data. If I run the query on its own there is data.

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              Hi Gurjit,


              I would recommend raising this issue with your support provider.


              There is a problem where the 'ClientListApplicationLogic' handlers are not automatically add to this control when it is created.


              The handlers can be added manually to the control. Please request advice on how to add these from your support provider.


              The problem reference for this issue is 3633.