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    Schedule Manager - Unexpected Results


      Hi all,


      I have been implementing our my test environment the use of the schedule manager to move a process forward due to not being able to quickly and easily re-assign tickets when attached/detached from a parent.


      The problem I have come across, is that the schedule manager seems to ignore the process, and performs the action on all of the items in the query results. This is regardless of whether the pre-condition in the process has been met or not.


      Subsequently this then re-assigns all of my tickets to a given queue. Because of the limitations in the queries it is not simple to see if the ticket has any parents and use that in the criteria. I've already implemented a calculation to store the number of children a ticket has, so I can see that this is going to be required for parents also.


      My question really, is why is the schedule manager ignoring the pre-condition, when it is not available at that time for the given ticket?