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    Can't image with 8.8sp4


      Hi all,


      I have/had some problems with PXE after installing sp4.

      All but one are gone and i can see the deploy/capture menu on a workstation.

      When i try to capture a workstation however the menu disappears and nothing happends.

      I found the OSD-4589288.4.exe patch ran it and rebooted the server.


      After this i still have the problems.

      A CJ-OSD-Capture logfile is being generated and filled with:



      Nothing more.

      I see that customjob.exe.log is generating errors at the same time:


      12-7-2010 13:32:22 : Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find column 11.
         at System.Data.DataColumnCollection.get_Item(Int32 index)
         at System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(Int32 columnIndex)
         at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Database.TaskApi.x6a8d25d141a5f762(DataRow xa806b754814b9ae0, String[] x26c511b92db96554)
         at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Database.TaskApi.GetMachineData(Int32 objid, MACHINE_DATA& macData)


      Anybody know what i should do to fix this?