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    Provisioning Scheduled Job - All Devices Delayed.




      One of my colleagues created a provisioning scheduled job to distribute an applicaton, the only problem is that all the devices are showing as delayed within the pending node of the task.


      I have checked the provisioning log on the server, and it seems to be showing the same error for all machiens:


      Computer 4186 not busy; creating provisioning job
      INFO PROV_SCHEDULE  12/07/2010 13:23:16  : Status: successfully created history task History task idn: 499
      INFO PROV_SCHEDULE  12/07/2010 13:23:16  : Removing Pxe Reservation for device 4186
      INFO PROV_SCHEDULE  12/07/2010 13:23:16  : prepping target machine ...
      WARNING PROV_SCHEDULE  12/07/2010 13:23:18  : Failed to PreProdMachine


      and on some lines we are getting:


      Business.DHCPServerInterface.ResolveNameToIP: Exception: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found


      Any help in getting the task to deploy successfully would be appreciated.