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    Auto Email call loggnig




      I am trying to setup Auto Email to log calls



      I’m am using helpdesk 7


      I am going into

      Auto Email Config


      New Incident


      Ticking the box to process email from Customer

      Adding a value to the subject box




      No w I’ve tried the options below with blank and filled in info

      Log Support Analyst and Consultant


      However nothing works



      Ideally what I would like to do is when a call comes in from - set CMR

      It logs a call to that CMR and then it emails me......or an analyst etc.


      Is this possible and what am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance...

      Also is the ere a guide for this?

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          Autoemail in Classic has the worlds largest source of checkboxes and there is also a service that needs to be running for it to function.  On the server where Classic was installed, there should be a file called




          Most likely this will be in the \program files\Touchpaper Software\HelpDesk\Manuals area

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            Hi we already have auto email setup????

            That is we have it set up to to send emails to CMR when we log calls - but I want to setup so that CMR can log calls via email.


            So when a CMR sends an email of a specific subject - it logs a call within TOUCH PAPER and then sends a report back the CMR of the call ref etc.


            I also need to be able to have some form of alert for TOUCH PAPER users to be notified of this call if possible?


            I have ticked the relevent boxes in the doc mentioned above - with a subject - but no call is being generated.


            Thanks in advance for any help.