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    Management Suite Icon Meanings




      I am running the trial of version 9, and am new to LanDesk all together. Is there an outline, or manual that explains the meanings of the many icons within the Management console? Some I am figuring out. But, others I just don't have a clue.



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          scots Apprentice

          There's nothing that I know of which describes/shows what all the different icons are.  There might be something in the User's Guide that will describe some of the icons, but they would be spread out throughout the User's Guide in whatever sections the icons pertain to.  There's no overall/general key listing all the different icons and their meanings.  Myself or some of the others on here may be able to help you with some of them if you can describe the icon(s) or provide a screenshot so we can see which one(s) you need help with.

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            I was afraid of that. i couldn't find any help in the User's guide. Not too many screenshots or visual descriptions.


            Here's my first questionable icon. Within the Management Console on the server, in the "Network View" of "All devices", I get the following icon on a couple of devices. The binoculars on the right side, I'm assuming that an Inventory scan is in progress, though it's been there for quite some time now. I'm not at all sure what the icon the the left is. Either a paper clip, or some other object I can't identify.


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              scots Apprentice

              The binoculars icon on the right indicates that the CBA (Common Base Agent) service is running on the PC.  It has nothing to do with an inventory scan being in progress.  Inventory scans either run on a certain schedule, or when certain events occur on the PC (such as a user has logged in, the IP address has changed, etc), or can run both on a schedule and when certain events occur.  Inventory scans can also be kicked off manually.


              The icon on the left is a remote control (like a TV remote control).  This indicates that remote control is available and functioning for that PC.  If you don't get the remote control icon you won't be able to take remote control of the PC.  This could be because remote control isn't functioning properly on the PC, or remote control wasn't included in the agent install on that PC.

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                Truffles SupportEmployee

                The binoculars are an indication that an agent is responding. The remote control is for remote control and usually indicates that remote control is available. Basically, the console does what's called a LANDesk Ping to see if the agent will respond. These icons are controlled by Agent Status (or Agent Discovery in 8.8 and prior) and can be configured in the console to use DNS, IP, etc. Depending on what the console is able to detect on the client it may enable or disable right-click features. Here are some other icon descriptions...


                Yellow triangle next to the device in the network view = The agent has a warning alert.

                Red exclamation point next to the device in the network view = The agent has a critical alert.

                Empty box in a scheduled task = This is a rare one but I thought it indicated that the device has been removed or an agent hasn't been deployed yet.

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                  The haze has cleared a bit. Thanks to both of you!


                  Any suggestions on where I can find some tutorials to help me through the trial?

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                    scots Apprentice

                    Not sure if they have anything available for free.  I know they have online e-learning available, but it's at a cost or included with certain support offerings.  Maybe one of the LANDesk employees could chime in on if there's any free training or tutorials available.

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                      Truffles SupportEmployee

                      Support has recorded some training videos on various subjects. I've done 3 so far: Linux, Management Gateway, Alerting. These are on the e-learning library but they will also be free in the community as well.


                      The other good sources for learning are Best Known Method documents and Landing Pages in the community. Everyone learns differently but all of these are free.