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    How do I rename a computer w/LDMS 9.0?


      I've read about how to rename a computer as part of the mini-setup process on a sysprep'd windows machine, but how can I rename a PC that has a good OS and just needs a different name?


      OSD seems like a dead-end since my need is not to capture or restore either an image or a profile

      Provisioning does not offer a RENAME PC action in any of the 5 sections...


      does this mean I have to create a round-about way of doing this?




      I'm used to being able to run a task against one or more machines and have them get a new name according to an autonaming convention or specific names for specific machines; I'm new to LDMS 9.0 and can't find any references to this.  It is almost like this operation is overlooked by landesk and I'm going to be asked the question, "why would you want to rename a computer as a separate task?"


      does anyone have any tips for how I might do this with XP and Win7 clients?

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          scots Apprentice

          The computer name that shows in the LANDesk console is pulled from how the PC is named in Windows.  The only way I know of to change the name in LANDesk is to change the name of the PC in Windows.


          In XP you would right-click on My Computer and select "Properties" from the menu that comes up, or go to Start, Control Panel, System.  Go to the "Computer Name" tab and click on the "Change..." button.  Change what's listed under "Computer name:" to what you want the computer's name to be, the "OK" out of everything.  I haven't done this in a while, but I believe it requires a reboot when you're done.  The next time an inventory scan runs on the PC it will update the name in LANDesk.


          Win 7 is similar.  Go to Start, Control Panel, System.  Click on "Change settings" in the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section.  Go to the "Computer name" tab and it's pretty much the same as above from there.


          There's no other way to change the name in LANDesk that I'm aware of.  Not sure if there would be some way to automate this via a script or something like that.

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            yeah, I was afraid of that.  I'm quite well versed in how to change a computer name from the OS; with only a handful of computers this is easy.  But if you have a whole computer lab or a whole school to rename then you've got problems.


            I was using the Ghost Solution Suite prior to the move to LDMS 9.0.  It was possible to create a computer 'configuration' and apply it to a computer; Ghost would rename the machine according to what was in the config.  I have no idea how the software made this happen; I guess I always took it for granted that it could be done.



            One problem that I currently have is that I have brought several machines into the LDMS console using PXE in a bare metal scenario; those machines either show a MAC address or some auto-name.  I want to be able to rename these machines from the console so that I don't have to physically go to them.  And later, I will be needing to rename laptop carts with 30 machines in them.  I was counting on LDMS to make this happen for me, now I'm concerned about my prospects of making it work out.

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              Locate Rename.exe. It used to be available in MS's domain migration tool kits so you may have to dig around for some of the older media.


              Shared_Computer_Toolkit_ENU.msi is where it was located, but not the link to the download brings you to something called steady state and I have no idea what that is.



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                scots Apprentice

                If there's an easy way to do it, I'd be interested in learning about it also...especially if it doesn't require a reboot or interrupt the user.  Our field staff will occasionally give a PC a wrong name, and we usually make them fix their own mistake either by going back onsite or remote control of the PC.

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                    okay, this might work out for Windows XP clients:


                    This article describes how to use the Netdom.exe utility (included in Windows XP Support Tools) to rename a computer that is a member of a Windows 2000 domain. This procedure can be performed either locally or remotely on the computer, which is being renamed. Also, the procedure does not require you to reset or manually re-create the computer account in the domain. The Netdom.exe utility has the ability to rename a computer that is a member of a domain. However, to rename the computer, you must be able to specify the user accounts that have local administrative permissions and the object of the computer account in Active Directory.


                    -this is a whole bunch of work that I used to avoid with the Ghost solution...but I suppose it remains an option for XP.


                    I'm still without an option for Win7, which is where I have the most need today.



                    Is there anyway to replace a landesk DEVICEID or DEVICENAME within the console?  If I could 'rename' a client in the console and then run a script using that information, I may be able to get this command line stuff to work.  But if the console doesn't do anything for me in that respect then I'm NOT getting any value from the console...

                    ...I'd be essentially running the script outside of the console, and that doesn't do me much good.

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                      judging by the lack of responses to this, is it a safe bet to say that I'm the only person who intends to use the LDMS console to assist in renaming computers that already exisit in the NETWORK VIEW with old/outdated names?

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                        This must be a new Microsoft link, check it out...it refers to using NETDOM for renaming computers joined to Windows 2003 domains.

                        I used the instructions and renamed a Windows 7 64bit PC without ramifications (so far). The computer is still authenticated, the name changed on the PC and in the domain, and it was able to connect after restart.



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                          thanks for the post: have reviewed the following article which covers pretty much the same thing, but for launching NETDOM on an XP workstation.  This is more useful to me because I don't work on the server-end which is where 2003-based versions of NETDOM must be launched.




                          Like you I was able to rename a Windows7 workstation using the command, however, NETDOM is completely external to the LDMS console.  I expect to use the console to manage everything about my deployment.  Using NETDOM isn't of any value in that regard unless it is pulled into the console.  The only way I can think of doing this is to write a script that makes use of it.  But even then I'm not getting much from the script because I would have to manually type in a single computer name and run the script against a single computer.



                          That being said I'm really scratching my head as to why Landesk has not rolled this task into their product as part of the core functionality like they have for JOIN DOMAIN, FORMAT DRIVE, etc....?


                          I tend to rename machines as they are repurposed and reimaged, or if a lab gets reconfigured with machines being moved or added, etc.  I always do this as part of my reimage task simply by changing the name of the computer in my management console and having the new name propogate down to the computer during the task.  As I have moved to landesk I have lost the ability to do this.


                          It seems to me that the landesk console already has the ability to rename machines in part because the %ldDeviceID% appears to be used to assign a computer name during the CTOS part of provisioning.  I don't understand why this isn't broken out elsewhere in the provisioning steps and why it isn't more flexible.  I would expect the ability to select machines in the NETWORK VIEW and rename them there, in effect changing the %ldDeviceID%, which would then be used to send the new machine names down.


                          I tried to test the CTOS part of provisioning by manually providing a specific computer name on a single reimage task to see if that name was carried over after the image was put down.  This didn't.  My task had the checkbox set for unique ID, which enabled the data field in the template, which was filled in with a static name that did not exist anywhere in my environment; that is to say I manually specified a unique name without using %variable% options.  After the provisioning task was complete I discovered that the imaged computer had received a random auto-assigned name rather than what I specified in the the template.



                          I still don't have a reasonable way of renaming a machine during provisioning with LDMS 9.0

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                            -thanks, but no...


                            ...with ghost I can rename a machine very easily using one of two options.


                            a) I can rename the 'instance' of the machine in the console view in the same way one would rename a file in windows explorer and then I can run a task against the machine which picks up the name in the console and uses it to change the actual machine name.  For me I tend to perform the rename as part of another task, such as an image deployment task.


                            b)  alternatively I can create a template for a machine name and then assign that template to a group of computers.  During a task execution the machines are renamed according to the template.



                            This type of action is completely omitted from LDMS 9.0.  I'm sure there is some way for somene to write code to create some kind of custom script to pull this off, but damn landesk if I spent thousands of dollars and countless weeks screwing with this product only to learn that I bought a code compiler instead of a client management tool.  Why is version 9 of this long-running product still without such a simple task implemented into the product as it comes out of the box?

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                              scots Apprentice

                              Post your request to have this feature added in the Enhancement Request section of the Community:




                              Click on the "Create an idea" link on the left side of the page.  This is your best chance of getting a new feature added or changes made to an existing feature.

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                                following that link returns this:


                                "It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake."
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                                  scots Apprentice



                                  When you're at the main Community page (http://community.landesk.com/ )  look down the left side of the page and you should see a link called "Enhancement Requests."  Click on that.  When you get to the Enhancement Requests page click on Management Suite on the left side of the page.  That should take you to where I tried to send you with the link in my previous post.  You need to be logged in to post there.

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