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    LANDesk software distribution portal - webpage problem

    cyberdemon Apprentice

      Has anyone seen this problem? attached screen shot.


      start - all programs - LANDesk management - LANDesk Software Deployment portal




      This appears to be a new problem in our invironment. I don't know if it is some recent IE patch related or if it is the recent patch LD-88-VCUpdate-08-09 patch I have installed on the core and have started pushing to clients this past week.


      If you have any troubleshooting techniques to help me, I would appreciate anyone's suggestions.


      Note: All the normal functions appear to be working: Inventory scan, Security scan. I can push software to the machine via Distribution method. I can remote control the machine, etc.


      thanks for the help.


      LANDesk version: 8.8sp3 (soon to be sp4)

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          This pane is populated by a series of files in ldclient directory. This page specifically gets built off of policy.portal.template.htm in the ldclient directory. Policy.client.portal.exe calls into policy.cgi.exe to build the portal with policy.portal.template.htm as the html template.


          So, to your problem...


          The first thing to try is to open up IE on a client machine. In the address bar go to http://localhost:9595/policy.cgi.exe


          If you get a 404 of some sort there is a problem locating one of the two executables I mentioned at the beginning. However, what I am guessing will happen is that this will be blank. This means, most likely, that there is a problem accessing policy.portal.template.htm. Navigate to the ldclient directory and see if you can find that file, if you can launch it and see what happens.


          Post your results. I have seen instances where this file is missing. In the cases where I was able to track it down someone had deleted the file from the ldlogon directory on the core. Then when the client was built it didn't have this file to insert into the agent.


          Anyhow let us know how you make out on this one.

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            cyberdemon Apprentice



            I'll try and circle back and find the user and try what you mentioned. It basically comes down to enough time in the day, and I'm the only one managing the whole thing (server and clients, packaging, imaging, software deployment, security vulnerabilities, etc, etc) and this is only part of my job... can you imagine?


            I know if I un-install the client, and re-install the client, the problem went away on one particular machine. I'm trying to avoid that if at all possible.

            I appreciate the feedback/suggestions; if I get time, i'll post what I've found.


            runnin ragged....

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              cyberdemon Apprentice

              I finally had a chance to check this on a current machine.


              from the local laptop, I started the Portal (i get a 404 error).

              navigating to this url within the browser, i typed exactly:


              http://localhost:9595/policy.cgi.exe (i get a 404 error too)


              i went to my \\servername\ldlogon directory.

              there is no file called  policy.portal.template.htm in this folder.


              what do I do next?


              interestingly enough, i can access the portal on other machines.


              we are now patched to 8.8 sp4 now, and i've started deploying this client to all of them. My other machine that it does work on, has the new client, with SP4.

              this seems sooooooo random, it's scary.


              any other thoughts?