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    PXE-E53 : No boot filename received




      In a bit of a pickle here and hoping someone might have some insight about this so I can avoid bothering the fine support folks from yet another case.


      I have a 2008R2 acting as PXE rep in one of our sites. DHCP is available in the server room.

      When I deploy PXE on the server and try to PXE boot a client I get the following error :


      PXE-E53 : No boot filename received

      PXE-M0F : Exiting Intel PXE ROM


      I've had this error before on other PXE reps, redeploying the PXE usually fixed it. Obviously it doesn't in this case.


      Now comes the funky part. I've installed a VM on that same server and then deployed PXE on it. Both the VM and the physical machine have the exact same PXE setup and files. With the VM PXE running, PXE booting a client works fine and I can deploy OS images without issues.


      Any idea why on earth the the PXE on the physical machine wouldn't work whereas the PXE on a VM on that very same physical machine works flawlessly ?


      LDMS 8.8 + SP4, had the same issue with LDMS 8.7.