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    OpenTouch Spelling Errors

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      It's about time LANDesk fixed the multitude of spelling errors in OpenTouch.   For an expensive product this doesn't inspire confidence or first impressions.


      Bonus points for how may times the word "Script" is spelt wrong in the product.  We are lucky to have 2 prime examples in a single screenshot below.




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          1 screen 3 versions, that's funny.


          I have found the software to be flexible and very capable at doing what it's supposed to do.  In same ways it's very amazing.  Yet there are so many tiny details like not sorting the list when you change groups and all the misspellings that try to make it look a second class product.  The sad thing is that perception can turn into reality and that could really hurt this product.  I understand that we are working with two versions of the same language and I can live with color being spelled colour.  But when you see script, sript, and scrip all on one screen, you have to wonder if anyone is really checking things.  It does matter, I spell check EVERYTHING I do.

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            I did warn you :-(  Are you going to try adding attachments with open touch as I'd be interested to see how that goes for you.

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



              Already noticed another post on the community mentioning this was a problem.


              Maybe if they repackaged the product and had this version plus an "OpenTouch Lite" then it could sell more for it to become more mainstream,  and thus more leverage to fix the bugs.


              IMHO "OpenTouch Lite" could be the Client part only so you can call from the command line but not have the web service or .NET interfaces.