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    Change Group - Alphabetical order




      Back in version 7.2.4 I made a suggestion that it would be nice to have the change group function to be in alphabetical order as this is as simple as adding "ORDER BY" in a SQL query.


      We're now on 7.3.2, soon to be 7.4, and this has still not been done.


      Am I missing something here, or is LANDesk not bothered about the things that irritate people? Is this drop-down controlled by a filter that can be updated to set the ordering of the group names?


      Seeing the "OpenTouch Spelling Errors" entry this morning just adds to the frustration that not enough attention to detail is being applied to the development of the product.


      How much testing is doen by LANDesk?


      I was lucky enough to meet the VPs of the develops from the US last year. Myself and others in the group made some very valid (and obvious) suggestions to make the product faster and get rid of some of the irritations that for a product as expensive as LDSD should not be there in the first place.




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          It is VERY irritating that the groups (I have 22) are not sorted.  I have tried, the LANDesk help desk has tried, and we both failed to solve the problem which seems to be hard coded that way.  Why?


          Yes its a small detail, but to the people that use the system, it makes me look bad because I can't fix such a simple issue.  It should be a VERY easy fix.

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            dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

            Hey Dan if you raise en ER I'll vote for it!  There are far less of these irritations than there used to be, but I think they tend to get lost in the noise sometimes.  I think the ER system has a distinct benefit of allowing other people to say 'me too' very easily and product management then have a bit more proof of how annoying something is.  For example an old issue of labels not being displayed correctly when they have an & accelerator in it has been in there since 7.1 and I frankly doubt it will ever get fixed, although every LDSD consultant I know is aware of it and works round it.


            I am not defending any apparent lack of attention to detail or quality, just that there used to be far, far more of these quirks than you are probably aware of and they are being reduced in number as new releases go by.   But the sheer volume of them origonally probably means it will take a while for them all to go.

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              I'd gladly vote for this one too.


              I thought this was me just overlooking some filter or setting at first as I found it hard to believe that something so 'front end' and well used would be left unordered like this. As has already been mentioned, we also received the same reply that it's currently hard-coded and cannot be changed.


              Here's another couple annoyances:


              1. Window Designer: Have a window open for a while which you're working on and sometimes you can no longer re-size objects by clicking and dragging, you have to change the size properties manually or restart. Not a massive issue but annoying all the same.
              2. Creating a new knowledge article type: You have to create these directly from the hyperlink on the actual window, it's not possible via the admin component, like most other categories etc, again, not a massive issue but they do add up and I imagine they annoy consultants as much as they do us.


              I'm guessing people and time is already put aside to fix issues on a regular basis, however some more resources dedicated to fixing and polishing these little annoyances would be nice as it soon adds up.

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                Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                Hi Darren,


                1) This is logged as Problem 4911 so please ask your Support organisation to add an Incident to it for you.  There are a couple of quirks like this with Window Manager I've identified and I'm currently working on having them all investigated after 7.4 is released in order to get them fixed.

                2) Please log an enhancement request for this in the Enhancements area here on Community, I suspect it would be quite a popular one!