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    Installing the OpenTouch Web Service

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



      Installing OpenTouch Web service I encountered a couple of errors:


      1) Couldn't load the assembly  ADODB, Version=7.0.3300.0 as per line 23 in the web.config file


      2) Couldn't load the assembly  Microsoft.Web.Services2, Version= as per line 28 in the web.config file


      Other than OpenTouch no other ServiceDesk family product is installed on this server.  LANdesk ALM is however.


      For (2) I fixed by installing WSE 3.0. 


      For (1) I've temporarily worked around by putting ADODB.dll in the bin folder as discussed somewhere else in the community. It however had to be copied from another server as didnt exist anywhere on the required server.  Any ideas how to install this file correctly as it doesnt apper to have been installed as part of .NET 3.5.     It appears to be part of MS Office?  So do I have to install office on the server to get this file installed "officially"?



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          We had a consultant install our server so I didn't see much detail.  I know that we did not install Office.  The biggest problem we ran into was permissions.  We are running Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit and Microsoft really has things locked down tight.  We ended up having to grant a lot of permissions to get things working.

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            On item 1 just delete that line from web.config Julian.  If you do raise it with support, you may find other people have raaied the same issue.  Watch out for the spelling mistakes in the app too.


            On item 2 I would usually have installed WSE by that point as it's pretty essential to have it on the server if you are running TPS, but it would be great to have this listed as a pre-req.

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup





              For (1) I wasn't sure if just commenting out was safe. I saw a similar discussion on this about the RSS Generator but in this case thought perhaps this would be needed for the OpenTouch outputs to XML files etc or something so loathed to comment it out.  I assumed maybe it was just the usual case of the Developer and Testers testing it on there systems that had alraedy had Touchpaper installed and hence missing the prerequisites.  been there done that myself so very aware of the possibility! 


              For (2) yep I would have got it if I'd been pointing at an installed  TPS on this host server but in fact I am pointing to the one on the Apps server instead as we are running OpenTouch on our "ALM" server instead which doesnt of course need itself.


              "Hei kona ra"  ( sorry the page crashes on save if I put lines over the "a" characters!)



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                Cheers Julian.  And it's goodbye from me too :-)  I'd love to know how you get on with opentouch.

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                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



                  One of the areas we are using it for include this scenario:


                  1)  New Change processes for "New Starter", "Leaver" and "Modify User" in ServiceDesk

                  2)  ALM process and listener that pick up Task Changes at appropriate "waiting" status

                  3)  ALM fires powershell which creates/updates AD and Exchange accounts

                  4)  ALM fires OpenTouch to move the Change processes on and also Create/update users in ServiceDesk