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    How to set query criteria from a test field


      Hi All


      Is it possible to use the results from a text field (multi line), to be used as the criteria to return a query result?


      Basically, I have a query tab at the bottom of the change management window that shows all the services we provide (will be in excess of 40). I want to filter this query on the tab to only show the services that will be affected by the change request (the resulting query must show the service manager, e-mail, 3rd part support details......).   Is this possible? I have tried adding a "List" box and then copying the data to a text field but this only allows you to view 1 field?


      See attched file for view of the window.


      Any help much appreciated be it a different approach.





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          We added the services to a reference list and then added the services to CI items.  I add 1 or more CI items to my change and all of the services can be shown in a report or a query.  I guess check boxes on a form or adding services to a change also work.  Putting each service in the text area just seems very efficient and prone to mistakes, mis-spellings, or different terminology.