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    Resource Manager - Tasks

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



      I have ResourceManager running against Exchange 2007 and generally all is fine and working.


      I have Office 2010 on my Apps and Web servers (64 bit versions so I can use ADO.NET for Excel etc) so usimg Outlook 2010 to test.


      Appointments placed by RM are fine,  Tasks look like this though (see below).   Something is suggesting it is in HTML format,  whether this is standard functionality I dont know as I've not got any  Outlook 2007 clients in my test network yet to compare against.  Either that or I have to turn on HTML support somewhere in outlook Tasks or Options, but I've looked and can see no such setting other than for mail format (which is already on HTML).


      Anyone hit this before?


      RM Issue.png