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    Discover Inventory of ESXi


      Hello guys,


      i am running into issues concerning to discover the inventory of an ESXi Host.


      Our "demanding" customer would like to get an overview of his virtual ESXi Farm.

      The customer would like to get reports like:

      - how many ESX'i hosts are running

      - what are the resources of an ESXi host (96GB RAM, LUN overview, CPU power....)

      - which virtual machine is running on which ESXi (needed for resource planning -> how many virtual machines are running on ESXi host 1...2....3... -> is there space for a new virtual machine)


      Now my question:

      Are we able to discover the whole content (ressources, virtual machines) of an ESXi? I have read that ESXi is not supportet in LDMS9, but i tried to get it running, no success (i enabled ssh fpr esxi hosts (over the unsopprted mode).


      Thanks for your help