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    A few questions on LD App V


      Dear All,


      Got a few questions on LD App V, would you please help?


      1) Can I use thin client (Windows Embedded Standard is supported by vmware) with Landesk Application Virtualization?


      Looks like the supported OS does not include embedded OS?



      2) Any additional server that I need to setup beside Landesk? e.g. To serve as the App V server? If so what is the requirement?

      3) I was told by one of my vendor that I can't use VMware ThinApp without Vmware View on thin client. So does this apply to Landesk Application Virtualization?





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          Tracy Expert



          If you haven't already done so, I would recommend that you download the trial version and give it a try. http://www.landesk.com/tools/trial/virtualization.aspx


          As for your questions...


          1. It should run fine on Windows XP embedded. There is NO difference in funcionality between VMWare Thinapp and LANDesk Application Virtualization. We will always have the exact same functionality as the released versions of VMWare thinapp.


          2. The best feature of LANDesk Application Virtualization is that it is entirely self-contained. Unlike some other Virtualization solutions that require an additional server, we do not. There is also NO client side piece that is installed to machine that will run the Virtualized applications.


          3. I am not sure what you vendor is referring to. As in #2 above, there are no requirements (other than having a supported OS) that you need on client machines in order to run LANDesk Virtualized Applications. If there is more specific information on this question, let me know.



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            Hi Tracy,


            Thanks for the answers.


            For Q2, I am wondering if there is additional server required besides the LDMS Core Server in order to host the LD AppV application.


            Or what I need is just an ordinary workstation for packing the AppV package?  After that, I can just "store" the packaged application at the core server and "distribute" the applications in EXE format to the agent workstation, is that correct? There is no client-server architecture required for AppV?


            Thanks and regards,


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              Tracy Expert

              You are correct. You "package" the application you want to virtualize on a clean Windows machine (it is best to capture on the same OS that the finished application will be running on). Once the application is created, you can store it anywhere you want. It does not have to be located on the core server. There is NO communication the finished application needs (with servers or otherwise) to be able to run. And since the virtualized application is clientless, you don't need to install anything on the end machine.... just run the virtualized app.



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                Hi Tracy,


                Got it! Thanks for the detailed explanations!