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    Runtime value not working for some task reminders


      We use the values {CurrentAssignment/User} {CurrentAssignment/Group} on all of the task reminders for our change process.


      We have reminders for task reassignments and task completions. Two reminders are sent out per each to both the assignee or change creator and release management.


      On the reassignment reminders, the runtime populates the name/group without issue.


      For the completion reminders, it leaves us with a blank space.


      We have these values both in the subject and the body of each reminder.


      Reassignment reminders look like this:


      {_ProcessRef} - {_ChangeTaskType1} is assigned to {CurrentAssignment/User} {CurrentAssignment/Group}


      and that works fine for both subject and body of the email reminder.


      Completion reminders look like this:


      Change Request {_ProcessRef} {_ChangeTaskType1} has been completed by {CurrentAssignment/User} {CurrentAssignment/Group}


      and those leave a blank space both in the subject of the email reminder and the body


      Any reason why it would work in some of the reminders and not the others?