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    Provisioning Ubuntu

    riccafer Apprentice

      Hi all, does anyone have an example of a provisioning template of Ubuntu 9.10 or just some reccomendation? I would like to do some tests with this SO but I have some problem to start. I would like to use initrd method, I find initrd.gz file in ubuntu ISO, is it the ritht file? how can I use it?

      I am using LDMS 9 (with 8.8 SP4 version is it possible to deploy ubuntu?)

      Thank you

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          EMiranda Expert

          i have deployed ubuntu all the way up to 9.10 with LANDesk before.  I used WinPE and ghost to do it.  If you have a ghost ver or higher it works really well at capturing and restoring the disk down.  I do think you have to use ext3 partitions as it doesnt support ext4, maybe future versions do but I kind of backed off Ubuntu for a lil while until we get win7 moving a long.

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            riccafer Apprentice

            Thank you EMiranda. You have not used an answer file? Something like preseed.cfg? With your method maybe is not necessary use it. I understand that you have configured your ubuntu ghost image as you wanted and you do not need other configuration after installation (or you can do configuration using script and software distribution).

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              EMiranda Expert

              We only used LANDesk for deployment of the OS. We were not able to manage it very well with the console.  Inventory worked good. but software distribution and other things were not so much.  A lot of the software distribution only supported redhat and suse  so it would be challenging pushing out configurations and scripts.  Not saying it can't be done, I just never went that route...