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    User controlled installation




      Newbie willing to learn!


      I have a scheduled task set up to deliver a custom IE7 setup to our end users.  I have created a distribution package much like the User Controlled installation, purely because i want the users to be given a chance to save what they are doing before it installs.


      My question is how long until the end users machine picks up the fact it has software to install - i have only managed to get this working so far by running policy.sync.exe or the desktop manager on the users machine - surely it must pick it up automatically!??!!


      Thanks - look forward to a response!



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          jdoe Apprentice

          The frequency that the system will check for policies is controlled in the agent configuration.  To see what the agent is currently configured for on a particular client, you can run C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\localsch.exe /tasks | more to display the LANDesk Local Scheduler details about the frequency a task will run (seconds).


          For instance, my agents are configured for check-in every 4 hours:


          Local Task Listing...
            1: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDCLient\policy.sync.exe
               handle    : 600
               start     : Wed Jul 21 11:03:59 2010
               frequency : 14400
               Filter 1  : [Auto delay] State=(Not ready) Min=(0) Max=(60)


          If you want immediate installation, use a Push or Policy/Push delivery method rather than a policy.

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            JDoe - thanks for this - exactly what i was after!


            Looking at the settings our policy runs every 24 hours - unfortunatly i dont have access to change the client settings so my boss will be getting an e-mail from me, but i have cheated a bit and written a batch file to run the policy.exe on the client - just means i have to schedule the user initaited job first, then the policy refresh straight after for the time being!




            Dave H