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    Off-core server do not run - Unable to find an active Licence


      Hi all,


      I am actually doing some lab on LDMS 8.7 and I get a problem when trying to have an Off-Core inventory server.



      I install the off-core server using the install program in .Management Suite\install\Off-Core Inventory Server folder



      First problem: the name of the server is not set in the registry. The server value is "Localhost" and the Landesk Inventory service do not start.



      I then change the value for the name of my core-server in the registry and the service can start. But I still get an error in the event log: "Unable to find an Active License"



      When I configure the Inventory Service on the core-server with the name of the off-core server, everything is normal.



      What can I have wrong ?



      My off-core server is W2K3 sp2 french with MDAC 2.8 and .Net 1.1, firewall deactivated.  LDMS is 8.7 sp4.



      Any idea welcome



      Best regards,