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    Batch some batch files are not running when part of a larger Provisioning template

    Spartan Apprentice

      Good Day,


      I'm moving from our LANDesk 8.8 environment to LANDesk 9 with SP1 and I have run into a few issues in regards to provisioning.


      First off I have lost my GUI in the system configuration portion of my provisioning template which was nice to have but from I read on the forums this is a feature.

      Has anybody found a way to get this back?


      My main issue however is a few of my templates don't seem to be running right when I make them part of my larger template.

      The effected portions seem to be batch files, which used to run well.

      If I run them indipendatly after my task main template is done they run just fine and with the GUI (which is nice).


      It would be helpful to see these batch files run, is this possible?