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    Provisioning Status & Software distribution during provisioning tasks




      We have 2 problems with provisioning in Landesk 9.0. No changes after the SP1 installation.


      The first one is that the ProvisiongGui.exe doesn’t show the progress. We have a blank desktop and no information about the status of the provisioning.

      We have found out that “LANDesk(R) Management Agent” Service is not installed with the Option to interact with the Desktop. After the option is set the ProvisionGui displays the progress information. The installation of the Landesk Agent sets the option back and we need to set the interact option again.


      Are there any known issues if we set the interact option for this service? All other Landesk services have this option set. Only the Management Agent doesn’t. Is this a Bug?



      The other problem we have is that we want to choose the needed packages at the beginning of the installation. This means that we create a bare metal machine and schedule the provisioning task for it. Then we add the bare metal machine to existing shedule tasks for packages to install them after the provision is finished. Our core packages like Office, Java and Flash Player are inside the provisioning task sequence and not needed to be chosen.

      Now the provisioning starts and after the installation of the Landesk agent the chosen packages start to install. But this is between the installations of the core packages. Some of our packages need Office to install correctly but the chosen package installs before the provisioning task sequence starts the office installation.


      I can’t believe that this process should run like this. In my understanding the provisioning tasks should be finished and afterwards the installation of the regular packages can begin. The provisioning should block the installation of other packages between the tasks. Or have I missed something?


      Kind regards