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    LANDesk Agent IP not updating / reporting correctly when connecting through VPN.


      Good Afternoon,


      This is my first post on here, so please bear wirth me if I make any mistakes, or do anything the incorrect way. Also, I have had a look around and can't seem to see any answers or methods to get this working properly, it could potentially be a function or configuration that I'm not aware of or know how to configure (I'm certainly no LANDesk Guru )


      We currently have LANDesk Management Suite on our domain.

      LANDesk agent reports the IP correctly when a PC is connected directly to the domain, this has been in place for years with no real problems to speak of.


      We have now implemented Cisco AnyConnect VPN and have a number of users who work from home (or external sites).


      Within our setup, the VPN connection is not made to our domain until after the user logs onto the laptop/PC. Meaning LANDesk has already started when the laptop/PC using the VPN connection is made and is assigned an IP. At this stage, the IP for LANDesk is incorrect, it usually displays the IP of the broadband router, or a loopback address (if no connection is present). After these IPs are displayed by the local LANDesk agent on the PC, they never seem to change or update even if you connect using VPN.


      The only way I can seem to get this to update is by ending the 'rcgui.exe' process (LANDesk remote agent). After ending this process, it immediately restarts as expected, and one it's restarted it contains the new IP. Realistically we need some way to get this to happen automatically, as we can't ask users to 'end task' on a process just for The Service Desk to support a PC.


      Currently, we have no management gateway in place (this is something that is planned to be implemented when we upgrade LANDesk to version 9, but unfortunately this won't happen in the immediate and I need a resolution for the gap between now and us potentially getting a LANDesk Management Gateway.


      If anyone has any assistance, suggestions or help on this, it would be much appreciated. Apologies if I've overlooked some basic functionality within LANDesk that would do this, but I didn't acutally implement it at the current company and have just been using it since working here.


      If it's a simple matter of the the LANDesk software not being a recent enough version, at least I'll know that I can't find a resolution with our current setup.


      Many thanks for any time spent.


      Kind Regards.