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    w3wp.exe, LDAppAPM and high cpu

    jaericho Apprentice

      Running LDMS9.0 with about ~1200 devices, windows 2003 sp1, 1 vcpu, 4GB memory. SQL is on another server.


      I am noticing a lot high cpu usage on the core server and my help desk users are complaining that the web console takes a long time to do anything. I experienced this myself. It does seem to take a while to load the page initially and to browse around.


      I have noticed that iis (w3wp.exe) is taking a lot of cpu time. Frequently taking 100% cpu, most of the time hovering around 80%.

      I found out about the script iisapp from these forums and used it. I have found that the w3wp taking all the cpu time is associated with the LDAppAPM application pool. If I stop the LDAppAPM app pool the cpu drops to nothing. Restarting it and the high cpu is back.


      What is APM? What is my next step to figure out what is causing this (or is this normal)?

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