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    Software Distribution using Intel Vpro


      Hi Everyone,

      I read a couple of entries for VPro & Landesk but I am stuck of figuring out why Landesk is not mass waking up the devices during the scheduled tasks. Here in my organization, we are using Landesk v 8.8 on SP3. Our clients were provisioned using Simple Business because these are desktops & currently we don't have certificates for an Enterprise mode provisioning.


      Here's the present scenario

      - I have an office 2007 software distribution and I would like to do this off hours. I did check the 'Wake up devices' but it only turns on 1 / 100 devices per roll-out

      - I was expecting that Vpro will mass turn on all devices and then install my MS office 2007

      - What happened was when i clicked start now and 100 devices were dragged into the scheduled task, only 1 device was turned on by VPRO and the rest turned out to have an "OFF" status with message - Cannot find agent.

      - I tried, minimizing the number of targets to 3 in order to isolate and the results were not consistent. sometimes only 1 device is turned on out of 3. sometimes when i use another set of 3 devices vpro turns them all on.

      - I confirmed all devices were correctly provisioned and i can access them using the native http://<ip address>:16992 console & with the username & password.


      Is there anyone out there experiencing the same problem as i have?


      Thanks so much in advance for your answers.