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    Provisioning - Windows 7 & Sysprep.xml


      Hey everyone,


      I'm having an odd issue with Windows 7 and Provisioning.  When deploying XP through Provisioning, I use a "Replace Text" action to insert the current machine name into the sysprep.inf file so the machine is named properly during sysprep.  I'm trying to do the same thing with Windows 7 and the sysprep.xml, but it never seems to work.  No matter what I do, even though the "Replace Text" action says it succeeded, sysprep generates a random name for the machine.  Any ideas?



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          I'm shocked that no one else is seeing this issue.  I did find a solution, though, which will rename the pc based on the existing name in LANDesk. So if someone else is having the problem, let me know.

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            We are deploying Windows 7 with an UNATTEND.XML rather than sysprep.xml as you specified.  We're pretty much new to sysprep because we never used it with XP, so pardon my ignorance.


            Anyway, I referenced this article as a starting place for Sysprep + Win7 + LDMS 9.0 + Provisioning:



            So far we're able to deploy Win7 with Provisioning and the only thing that is failing for us is the translation of the Win7 Product Key.  We have a PUBLIC Variable for the product key which matches the variable in the UNATTEND.XML file we added to the Core.  Still this isn't enough.  Taking a cue from you I'm going to add a step in my template for REPLACE text and try it again.


            Unlike you our machines get the correct names from the LDMS console so long as the machines were already in the console's network view with a valid name.  Machines that were bare-metal before the provisioning process get a randomized name.



            -anyway, I found the article listed above to be very helpful.


            good luck

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              That's good information - thank you!


              For now, the vbscript I mentioned works very well for us.  It's just a simple vbscript that updates the compuer name (I have Provisioning instert the name into it via a variable before it runs) and it has worked 100% everytime, so I hate to "fix it" if it isn't broken!


              In regards to your key, we don't have the issue as we're using KMS with Win7.  But I do think the replace text action will work for you.

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                I looking for a way to auto-rename an upgraded machine to it's previous name as well. If you can share your method I would apreciate it.

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                  I have attached what I was describing above ....


                  ...however, I'm not sure this is what you need.  The attached provisioning task simply renames a machine according to what you place into the template var


                  You state that you are trying to rename an upgraded machine to its previous name; are you not having landesk automatically reapply its previous name during an image deployment task?  Is the "previous name" you identify a name that precedes the name of the machine before it was reimaged?  If not, Landesk will reapply the previous name for you.  You should only need what I have attached if you want to later rename a machine singly.

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                    The goal would be to have Landesk auto rename the machine after it is imaged to what it has on record in the database for that object. Apoligies If i didn't clearly explain or state what I was trying to do.


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                      okay, so all you need to do in order to get provisioning to put the original name back into a machine is this:


                      in the Post-OS Installation phase of provisioning you want to put the CONFIGURE TARGET OS action as your last action before the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION phase kicks in.  Tell CTOS to INSERT UNIQIUE ID with %ldDeviceID% as the value.


                      this will ensure that the previous name remains in place after an image deployment.  The one key point here is that this only works if the LDMS database has an awareness of the machine's name BEFORE you deploy an image to it.


                      good luck