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    Issues I found when using HII from Droppedpackets.org


      So here's the lines they use with the method using inventory scans to find the System Manufacturer and  Model information.  I ran into a few issues with this method.


      REMEXEC411=drvmap.exe nitro\administrator 1039DFB6B73145D8AD54F627A3B S: \\%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%\ldlogon, STATUS FACILITY=3513
      REMEXEC412=S:\ldiscn32.exe /L /NOUI /F- /SYNC /NO16
      REMEXEC413=cmd /c xcopy "I:\drivers\%Computer - System - Manufacturer%\%Computer - System - Model%" c:\drivers /E /S /I
      REMEXEC414=reg load HKLM\Software1 C:\Windows\system32\config\software
      REMEXEC415=sdclient /f /o /dest="x:\ldclient\ldprep.exe" /p="http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/ldprep.exe"
      REMEXEC416=x:\ldclient\ldprep /c /reg=Software1 /path=c:\drivers



      1.  Reading the xcopy options it seems that the C:\Drivers folder should be created.  For me this was not happening so I added REMEXEC417 (mkdir).

      2.  The rest of the method worked perfectly for me on Devices that were already in LanDesk.  I found that the inventory wasn't being processed before REMEXEC414 ran.  I added REMEXEC418 (ldsleep) to pause 10 seconds before running the xcopy.


      REMEXEC412=S:\ldiscn32.exe /L /NOUI /F- /SYNC
      REMEXEC417=cmd /c mkdir C:\drivers
      REMEXEC418=C:\ldsleep.exe 10
      REMEXEC414=cmd /c xcopy "I:\drivers\%Computer - System - Manufacturer%\%Computer - System - Model%" c:\drivers /E /S /I



      I also removed the /NO16 from REMEXEC412 since I am on 8.7SP4.


      Another question I had was how does xcopy handle manufacturer names with a period at the end, since folder names cannot end with a period.  I found when running xcopy through a cmd prompt it ignores a period at the end of a folder name.  I haven't been able to test on one of my devices that the manufacturer ends with a period, but I suspect it will work without issues.

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          I think the /S and /E commands on xcopy are supposed to cause the entire directory structure to be replicated, but I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't so... another line of script is a small price to pay for being sure.






          As far as the dots, commas, spaces, ampersands, and other goofiness in manufacturer and model names goes... I've seen people assume use of WinPE with VBscript enabled purely so they could normalize the content with VBscript. Others swear that this isn't required, though.






          I'm hoping that the HII docs will be updated at some point to use provisioning so that there can be logging.



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            How does your folder structure look on your file server your copying the drivers from? Drivers\Model\Contents ?



            I Built an HII Image for 30 Dell models and it works GREAT! I did not use the ldiscan method.. I used the Vbscript which does a WMI call to detect the model # then it runs the copydrivers.bat to copy the correct drivers down from the share. I am working on building this out in a provisioning task now..



            This method works great as it detects the model on the client side and is not dependent on sending in a full inventory scan.. 



            Have you tested the base image out on all of your models with out the driver scripting? I ran into some issues with mass storage drivers a while back..  I had to build that section out in sysprep..









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              My Folder structure is Drivers\Manufacturer\Model.  I have tested our image on all of our models except the 755s that we have just started getting, we were using a more generic drv\1\0 folder structure and copied all the drivers for all the models.  This was getting extremely unweildy as the driver copies were starting to take an absurd amount of time.


              The biggest reason I chose to use the ldiscan method is I will not be the one maintaining this in the future and it is easier for me to teach the people who will maintain the drivers how to find the correct folder name and copy the drivers there rather than editing batch files.  The copy and paste method will make the future support on my side much easier.