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    Merging data into the landesk database



      We are a HP shop, and if anyone has ever used HP's tech support you have to have the serial number as well as the procuct number to get support. I have them all in a excel spreadsheet does anyone know how I can merge the 2..



      I need to get this information entered. Thank you.



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          I'm not sure about HPs but Dells information is automatically entered into the database - Serial number is Computer - System - Serial Number.  I'm not sure what you mean by product number...is that the same as model?  If it is it is in the inventory as Computer - System - Model.



          Another place to check for that information is Computer - Bios

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            zman Master

            We have been an HP shop for a very long time. This information (plus more), at least for us, has always been in the inventory under System and BIOS. Let us know if it is not there. System Serial Number, Asset Tag, Service Tag,  Model, Express Service Code, etc...

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              You do have the option to manually enter data as well in the inventory view there is a new string Icon top left corner, but this is not recommended and hard to keep up with...



              There is also a way to edit the Bios string Data to get your info if it is not reporting...



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                Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                So you are saying the data is not coming in through a scan?


                If you have it in Excel then just use CSVImport.


                Add a column to excel for the device ID and Device name.


                Then follow this guide:

                Using the CSVImport utility

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                  Managed Planet also has the Data Translation Services tool that can merge this in, as well as get info off the hp web site, such as warranty info and other data.  Contact your reseller about it.

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee
                    1. Make sure that the information isn't already in the DB. It likely is (as ZMAN pointed out).

                    2. Using CSVIMPORT won't help you in the longer term, because any time the client sends a SYNCH scan (which happens from time to time), it'll overwrite the data.


                    IF the information is NOT present, you can work through the attached doc (it'll involve editing your LDAPPL.TEMPLATE) - it's for an older version of LANdDesk but the steps still hold true - but it SHOULDN'T be necessary to do this, we should be picking up all the BIOS strings as is.


                    Note - yes, this is a very OLD doc (from 2000) - LANDesk was part of Intel* in those days, so don't be surprised to see that copyright in there.


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.