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    Cant Copy/Delete some Queries - Why?

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      We've noticed that when we right-click some queries in Query & Report Designer,  the only option available is Modify Query even when logged in as SA.


      These queries look to have originated via teh OOTB and been through a few MDM's to get us to current 7.3.2


      When these queries are open for modify and you tab NEXT the Group properties page is not shown even though it is shown in the Actions panel and holds a value.  Opening via the tree shows the Grouping page though.


      Query examples include:

      • Incident Workload List
      • Notes
      • Latest Problems
      • Escalation point


      I suspect they havent upgraded properly.


      Anyone see this type of issue? If so did you fix or accept?