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    Decisions in process

    lianne.redding Apprentice

      Is there a limit to the number of decisions you can have in a row in process in Service Desk 7.3.2 - i think it used to be 8 pre 7.3.2.  I have 24 and I need to add in 4 more - keep getting timeout errors.  I have tried putting a status, precondition, auto action in and then carry on with decicsions but still get the timeout error




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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



          I've got 23 in a row.


          Your 24 is spookily close to a multiple of 8 so lets hope the max hasn't risen to this ceiling instead.


          I thought there was no ceiling now so interested what LANDesk have to say on this one too.



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            lianne.redding Apprentice

            Same thoughts as me on the 24 being multiple of 8.  Have logged an incident too so will update this post if i get a response through the incident rather than on here

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              I generally crank up <add key="WebServiceTimeout" value="120000" /> to be 1200000, but if that doesn't help how about making some of those sequences a calculation that combines things together?

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                lianne.redding Apprentice

                Thanks Dave - already tried the timeout value.  Also tried doing the design work directly on the web server to cut out some network traffic - still no joy.  The process already has calculations to 'lump' things together - trying to model a new starter process based on a form they already use which has a zillion checkboxes on it and something different needs to happen based on items (or groups of items) being selected.  I may be able to trim it down a bit further by grouping more things together in decisions but it doesn't give as nice a solution, but if there's no alternative then that'll be my next option