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    Provisioning - Distribute Software Randomly Fails


      Hey everyone,


      I'm not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but I figured it was worth mentioning.  We've been configuring & testing Provisioning for the last couple months and it's gone well for the most part.  We were having some major PXE issues, but those were resolved by SP1.  The only other major issue we've had is with deploying packages via the Distribute Software action.  I haven't figured out why, but packages will randomly fail on random machines.  For instance...


      Let's say I deploy a Provisioning task to 15 machines.  All 15 machines re-image fine, install the LANDesk agent fine, but a few of them fail to install let's say 1 of the 5 packages I want deployed to them.  What's even stranger is that it isn't the same package that fails each time.


      I've been digging around on the forums for a week now looking for solutions.  One idea was that the security scanner was getting in the way.  I tried the solution of using an agent that doesn't run a security scan and then install the normal agent after I'm done with packages.  No go.  So I'm not sure what's up.


      At this point, I've completely given up on the Distribute Software action and resorted to downloading the install files in WinPE by utilizing PrefMap.exe and then install them via the Execute File action.


      Any ideas?



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          I had a couple issues and there were a few things I tried that seemed to have helped fix the problem for me. I have 15~17 packages that get deployed to the machine post agent installation. I had problems if I let the agent reboot the machine or added a reboot post agent install and pre software install. Basically, I only reboot the machine once after the entire provisioning package runs.


          My script runs as follows;

          1. OS install
          2. driver(s) install
          3. add to the domain
          4. agent installs
          5. software installs
          6. defrag
          7. reboot


          I also had to play with the order that the software installs. For example, if you try to install .Net apps back to back, they will fail about 50% of the time. So I install something completely unrelated, like Adobe Reader, between them. Gives time for whatever is going on in the back ground to complete. You could add a wait instead. I also clear the "Stop processing this template if this action fails" check mark on everything.


          I should add, that if your not using a software distribution point that is solely for distibuting software for LANDesk, you should look at doing so.



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            That's good information.  I do install the agent without rebooting, but one thing I didn't consider is organizing the software installs in a certain order.  I may try your solution eventually, but for now, my success rate is 100% by copying the files while in winpe and then installing via the Execute action.  Takes more time to configure the templates, but at least it works.

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              I'm running LD SP2 and having similiar issue.  When I deploy the software through provisioning it fails randomly on different software distributions.  For instance when it installed quicktime it said it failed even though the software was on the system.  Provisioning Task remains active even though it doesn't go any further and I have unchecked the box in all software distribution to stop if fails.

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                jwood8 Apprentice

                I know this is an old thread, but I am having the same issue as spriefer - provisioning fails on random parts of the process. Can't currently image any machines, this has been working fine for months and nothing should have changed. We're on v9.0.0.473. Machines PXE boot fine, run diskpart and all that with no issues, install XP and then begin installing packages. Sooner or later the process fails, but this seems to happen on completely different packages each time, there isn't any pattern to it. Network issues have been ruled out, we've tried all sorts but nothing works. Anyone got any ideas how to troubleshoot this further? Any logs to check? Nothing in Event Viewer or Alert Log.

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                  The Distribute Software action in Provisioning does not work well at all. Guess they have been looking into this one for awhile. I gave up on it and use Execute File action with Map drives. I would reccomend you get the patch that fixes the Map Drive action and go that route. Here is a lengthy post regarding the entire mess.



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                    We are experiensing the exsact same iossue random packages fails at random machines with software distribution, within an OS prov template :we are running landesk v 9.6
                    And have not yet found an solution. We have 350+ packages and dont want to re do all our packages with a bad workarround. this should just be working. ( we download all software and the nexecute on machines.)
                    We discovered that when packages fails, the install folder in sdm cache dosent even exsist

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                      MrGadget Expert

                      This is what I've found with software distribution. Packages will fail if a pending reboot is put into the registry. Not all MSI packages do this but some do

                      .If there is a reboot pending in the registry and a msi or batch package is run after, it usually fails.