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    Create a filter query on workstation CI


      I want to create a query so that I can search for part of a workstation name using "contains".


      I have gone into Administration, CI managemnet, workstation and then done New query and created a query called Workstation Search.


      I have selected some attributes and added workstation title to the filter, added "contains" and checked the "prompt user"  field.


      The query runs but it does not display the prompt and lists all workstations.


      Any ideas please?



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          lianne.redding Apprentice

          Hi Chris,


          When you create a query in this manner it actually creates a filter rather than a true query.


          The best thing to do is to go into Designers - Query and Report Designer then create a New Query (for everyone) where the Module = Configuration Management and the Business Object = Workstation.  Add on your attributes and set the criteria to 'title contains promt user' as you did before, then when it runs the promt will be displayed and you can search as you need to