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    Thinreg deployed app


      Does anyone have a 'best practice' for thinreg'ing an app after deploying using Landesk?  I'm trying to get Adobe Rdr out there, and have it open when users open a .pdf file.

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          zman Master


          So are you asking:





          • How to Thinstall an App?

          • How to Deploy it via LANDesk?

          • How to Register PDFs?

          • All the above?





          There are numerous tutorials on how to Thinstall an application on the Thinstall site - Demos. If you can use Package Builder Thinstall is just as easy.  Just a snapshot on a clean machine.



          Deploy it via LANDesk like any other application.  8.7 SP3 has hooks for Thinstall apps (Distribution Packages - New Virtualized Application and creation of Shortcuts). One big decision is wether you want to leave the apps on the package server and stream them down, or download them onto the client (e.g., Laptops - offline usage). 



          Thinreg samples to register filet types etc..   Demos (above)  See Filetype associations and Desktop ShortcutsFlash Demo






          Also, Thinstall has regular Webinars to cover new functions like Thinreg. 



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            Thanks for the reply...We've got a number of apps deployed using the streaming technology...I'm looking for a way to register the app, after deploying it using landesk..just best practice, or something that someone has used successfully...I can get it to happen, just not as 'slick' as I'd like...looking for some further experience/input.

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              zman Master


              How about running thinreg as a distribution package prerequisite for your Adobe Acrobat Thinstall application.



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                Tracy Expert

                How are you doing it now? I assume you are running the packages from
                UNC? You could always set up the LDAPPL3 to scan the registry for the file type association and then create a batch file required policy to run Thinreg if the app is installed and the app does not point to the UNC version.







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                  We did something similar to this, but we used a third party solution (Desktop Authority from ScriptLogic).  I ran logic on login that if the app was there, Thinreg it...if not don't.  Same logic, but just a different way to get there.  Thanks for all the input.

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                    Tracy had the logic correct...didn't hit the right button.  Sorry Tracy...