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    Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (fileformatconverters)



      I'm trying to push the MS office 2007 compatibility pack to

      both WinXP and Win2000 machines.  I'm using LD 8.7sp4 and what happens is

      on the pcs being pushed to a dialog box comes up with the explanation of the

      various switches for the fileformatconverters.exe file.   This prompt

      will come up regardless if I enter any switches (/quiet and /noresetart) or nothing

      at all in the "install/uninstall" option when creating a distribution




      As anybody create any successful distribution packages for

      this and if so, do you have any helpful hints to get mine to work.  Please bare in mind that I’m new to this and

      haven’t created too many packages, mostly for pushing Acrobat Reader and some

      batch files.   Thanx