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    Antivirus Reports and Dashboard

    LANDave SupportEmployee

      I am entertaining the idea of creating a report and dashboard for LANDesk Antivirus and I would like to gather feedback regarding the optimum layout.


      Could you please give input on what the ideal data you would like to see on an Antivirus Dashboard?


      • What are the Individual Reports you would like to see?
      • What Reports should be included in the overall Dashboard?
      • In what way should the reports be presented within the Dashboard?
      • What existing reports are effective?  Why?
      • What existing reports are ineffective?  How can they be improved?
      • What new reports should be added?


      If possible, a visual mockup of this information would be very useful as well.

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          A pie chart of computers "in compliance" vs "out of compliance" (LDAV installed w/ latest approved defs = in compliance)

          Virus activity bar or line graph for the last 7 days--just detection counts per day, over the last 7 days.

          List the top 10 most detected items for the past 30 days e.g.


          Backdoor.Win32.Bredolab.eua 3,203

          Trojan.Win32.Vilsel.ato 102




          Pie chart of DAT versions across clients