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    Arbitrary modification all OSD scripts


      From time when we upgraded our LDMS to version 9.0 two times was our all OSD scripts arbitrary modified without none of "landesk administrator" involvement.
      When I look to properties sript ini files modification was made by one of "landesk administrator" all the "ini" files  (7) was modified in the same time.

      By regular way with Landesk console it is not posible modify 7 scripts in the same time.

      From the scripts was removed by us added rows related with HII , and modified rows which we previously customized related - with diskpart (keep partitions, delete and create only first partition).
      I do not have ide what happened ? Has anyone similar occurrence ?


      Probably sripts was modified  in this time when I wanted install on new PC "remote landesk management console", but at first atempt I run setup for LDSM (this initialized setup for all LDSM but I canceled it after installation detected that IIS is missing). I did not run at first autorun.exe where is possible choose and install only "Remote console".
      Is it possible that this first step of setup LDMS could to modify these scripts ?