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    Software distribution failure if no user is logged on




      we experience some weird issues when trying to deploy software packages while no user is logged on. We are using ldms 9.0 sp1 and try to complete a fully automated os installation of Windows xp sp3.


      We differentiate between two kind of software deployments. first the packages that every client should become. These packages are integrated in the provisioning process through the "software distribution package" action properties.


      The second type of installations are optional software, that only a few clients should install. These packages should install automatically right after the provisioning process finished. And here comes the problem: the distribution packages doesn't run and the scheduled task fails.


      If we change the delivery method property to "hide all feedback from user", the scheduled task is sucessfully executed. If we use "display progress to user", the scheduled task fails. Furthermore this behavior only occurs if we choose "policy" delivery methods. With "policy push" delivery methods this problem seems fixed. Is this working as intended?


      Of course we cannot see the progress if no user is logged on, but in my opinion the task should run anyway. Therefore we choose the package to run with the local system account and configured the agent configurations software distribution policy option to "none" run filters.


      We need to use the "display progress to user" option, because if the package is installed later when a user is logged on, the user should get installation progress informations.


      Can anyone tell me why our task fails with these options if no user is logged on?


      Thanks in advance & kind regards,

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          I was having a similar issue installing a custom version of IE8 as an MSI, using LANDesk V9 SP1. As long as I selected the Quiet Mode, no user interaction, The Job would complete as requested as long as the machine was on.  But if I used Unattended mode, Progress bar only, and the user was logged in, the package would error.  The error is Package deployment failed, with 1008, or a 1 as a return code.


          LANDesk Support (Aaron Neal) stated that I should install this patch on the core and the clients.  I have not done it yet, as I have not been able to find any documentation on the patch.   They stated that once I had done that, I should be able to use the Unattended selection in the the Distribution task again.




          So when I get some documentation as to what this affects and have installed it I will post again.  since you have to deploy it to the clients and it does not show up in patch manager to Autofix, you either have to redeploy the agent after you have applied the patch or create a custom definition in patch manager to catch all the newly deployed agents.



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            Ascott860 Specialist

            Yea that was by design. We were new customers to LANDesk and advised the logic was no good for us. They came up with that patch, we have it implemented and so far it works with MSI/BAT/EXE distributions. I did have a report that it did not work with script host distributions. It basically checks to see if the user is logged on, and if the user is not the installation will start even if you have display options turned on. They are planning on expanding on this patch for a future service pack, possibly SP2, to add more options in your delivery methods for this new logic. This patch is basically a one off until then. There are some customers who they feel if we are chosing to display anything to the user we wish them to be logged in for the software task to start. That is why it would fail if you had display options turned on while there is no user logged on, if that makes any sense, it didn't to us hence we asked for a patch. LANDesk delivered!

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              johnk Apprentice

              You can use the patch or if you do not wan't to install the patch create a batch file with the same commands and this method works if the user is logged off or logged in


              sample bacth below

              @ECHO OFF
              pushd "\\MYSERVER\Packages\CodecPack"
              msiexec.exe /i Win7codecs.msi TRANSFORMS=%CD%\CodecPackTransform.mst /passive /norestart