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    Notifying pre-defined system owners


      We're looking to roll out a new Change Management process in ITBM 7.2.5.

      We currently identify the System to be affected by a reference list.


      If we were to link from Users to this reference list, and identify a particular person, is there a way to send a notification to them when the Change is submitted to the CAB, approved and completed ?


      The "system owner" would not be the Raise User, Assignee, etc so don't think I can use our existing "Add Note - Notify...." method ?



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          lianne.redding Apprentice

          Hi David,


          You could add an automatic 'Add Reminder' in the relevant place in the process - you can set up the title and description using text and placeholders, then you need to tick the Active checkbox and set a send date (somewhere in past so it sends immediatley).  Then tick the Notify Assignee checkbox and set the User to be a value type of change\referencelist\user.  I think this should work