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    Crystal reports Server


      I want to promote the use of Crystal reports server and I wonder why there is not much information and advice how to use it with LANDesk.


      I have been using it now for a couple of months and find a couple of benefits.


      1. I do the "intelligent" connections between tables on the datalevel and when this is done it can be used by many crystal reports

      2. I can do the formulas on the same level and they can be used by many crystal reports. When I change a formula ( Ever done that?) it will apply directly to all reports using this level.

      3. I set upp 3 dataconnectors to three databas environments ( Dev LANDesk, TEST LANDesk and PRODUCTION LANDesk). I can in runtime choose which database is to be used.  Save me lots of time i testing and verification.

      4. Crystal reports can be scheduled and emailed.

      5. There is a WEB environment where you can control access to reports to groups or individual users. Either a link from console or from Serviiceportal. The same maintenance regardless from where you access the reports.


      I would be very happy if LANdesk would invest in distributing high level datalayers in a ootb fashion in Crystal Reports Server form. Have any thoughts been on this possibility.


      A few examples:


      First there is the data table connection layer


      Data layer.JPG

      Out of this data layer You define a data element where You decide which attributes shall be used from the data layer above


      Data attributes to be used from the datalayer.JPG

      All dependencies and layers are easy visualized:


      How the layers and reports are connected.JPG


      And one crystal report ( and any other layer)  runned through Crystal Reports server can have multiple dynamic datasources.


      Multiple dynamic datasources.JPG


      There is more...


      Has anybody else experience of using Crystal Reports Server?

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          Hi Göran Pettersson,


          I have experienced the crystal report server deployment, but it was very basic crystal report server to host the crystal reports to be available in the network. So I just generate the URL everytime I host the crystal report file into the crystal report server, then I place the URL in the serviceportal for the Key User.


          This is usefull for the key User to get instant report rather than ask the secretary or IT department to generate the report that they want.



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            Hi Göran


            We've used Crystal Enterprise 10 here for some time to schedule our reports out to management, clients and support teams, but never really got round to developing the repository side of things.


            Crystal Enterprise 10 changed to Crystal Reports Server XI and I've just picked this up to take a look how Business Objects is integrated and see how we can get more out of this underused product. Looking at your screenshots, I think we're probably in the same kind of place in our understanding of how it's all put together - I'm just getting to grips with how updates to Business Views and Formulae cascade down through the objects.


            Until now, we've had a million reports all written to do subtley different things depending on who wrote them and who requested them, which ended up with a million different viewpoints on what is happening in the business depending on whose reports you ran. They are all stored in the file system and copied up to the CMC for scheduling, so if an update is made to the report definition, it has to be uploaded again. Rubbish.


            So what I'm aiming at is storing reports in the repository, with a more unified view on the data through Business Views using agreed formulae and more use of parameterised reports for flexibility. Ultimately it would be good to open up report writing to end users in an ad-hoc fashion through something like BI OnDemand (https://bi.ondemand.com/session/new), but I'm not sure what's involved or whether that's possible yet.


            Do you have any experience in this area or with publishing reports over the web?




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              I just had CR Server installed on my server and have not even logged on yet.  What little I know is that it can export reports for me which is exactly what I want.  Service Desk has forced me to learn a tiny bit about Crystal Reports so I have a small idea of what it does.  I have looked and found no document that suggets how to get started with Service Desk and Crystal Reports Server.


              Has anyone documented this process with some amount of detail?

              Any suggestions?