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    Office 2010 deployment

    fchrappah Apprentice

      I have recently tested successfully the deployment of office 2010 . Now i need to know what to do to get rid of the old office 2007 in the start programs . They still show although grayed out. I want users to see only one Microsft office after deployment . I do not want to go to each person to delete the office 2007 from start programs. Any ideas

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          If you run the microsoft office 2010 setup with a /admin switch you are able to create a transform file.  One of the options in this transform file allows the removal of previous versions and also allows you to specify where you want the shortcuts to go.


          How are you deploying Office 2010??  Its a big file to push out.  We have opted to put it in our image, provisioning then calls a script which runs the software (with transform) and then provisioning deletes it after its complete. Working like a dream.


          Dave H

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            Using the above suggestion, create a transform file.


            In Office 2010, when you create a transform file using setup.exe /admin, you save it under the updates folder of the contents of the Office 2010 CD. You can also add all the other updates that you need to push out also under that folder.


            When you are doing the deployment of the Office 2010, use a network resource and make sure everyone has read access. Use Everyone group instead of Domain Users as that will cause issues on authentication. When you select the image (XP or Windows 7), update the runonce to run the setup.exe from the network location. (if you need help with updating the Runonce for WinXP or Win7, let me know)


            Regarding the Office 2007, you can say that in the transform file to remove previous versions of the Office so that users dont have to remove the icons.


            Hope it helps.