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    Error: Unable to read data from file when deploying image


      Hi all. I'm currently working on getting HII image deployment going at my company. I've done all the necessary steps are far as getting drivers on the deployment server and creating the base image. What I'm running into is when running the OSD script and getting to the point where it's restoring the image.


      What's happening is at seemingly random points in the restore process I'll get an error that says


      "Unable to read data from file"


      and the restore job stops.


      There is no log that I can seem to find anywhere that gives any indication of why this error pops up and searching this site doesn't really bring up any information as to what that error means.


      Can anyone shed any light as to what this error means and what I need to look at to fix it?


      I verified that the image is good and not corrupt as well.