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    Some thoughts and some questions...

    Adam Wilden Expert



      Just got back from a meeting between our LANDesk SD admins and a few topics came up that people here may have got around or at least have veiws on!


      On the whole people were posistive as usual, but left me witha few requests:


      The ability to map the email "To " field came up again - this would enable us to auto-categoirize and aut0-assign based on which alias an email was sent to - I've already raised an ER for this one.


      Secondly is the ability to email to externals.  At the moment we have to do this outside of LDSD -  it would be great if there was an email field that could be added to a form that email addresses could be manually typed into.  For commonly used  addresses we've set up dummy users but we often need to contact outsiders or respond to users' second (e.g. hotmail) addresses when they have, say, mail problems with their registered address.


      Thirdly, I'm not sure if "second" email addreses can be used to identify users. All of our students provide an additional external address which they often use to contact us, rather than their official University one.   Any bright ideas?  Obviously we can import these to a field but I'm not sure there's any way we could use them, so again we would  have to revert to external email clients.


      Fourthly, my colleagues thought it would be useful if any Action could be email-enabled, esp Notes, rather than just Assignment and Reminders.  This would make processes much simpler.


      And finally an idea that is not mine (might have come from Dave MS) where sections of processs could be used like subroutines/functions.  i.e.  at any point in the process you could link to a subprocess or section of actions etc and it would "return" to where it was linked from once finished.


      Not sure how feasible these are or how useful any of this would be to others, but thought I'd post this whilst waiting for my next meeting...



      Cheers - Adam.