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    Computer freezing during Sysprep



      Hi Everyone,



           Long time reader, first time question asker.  We are developing revision 2 of our windows xp image to start deploying to machines and are having a problem with Sysprep.  After the machine images and WinPE reboots the machine, windows loads no problem and then just stays locked at the first window in sysprep (It's like a welcome sort of message, nothing to prompt the user to do anything).  The HD has no activity and the machine just stays there doing absolutley nothing.   We built this revision the same as we did our first one in every single way (with the exception of new landesk agent, patch updates, the usual reason's for creating a new rev.).  I was wondering if someone else has had this problem and might be able to suggest a remedy for it.



          And here is the weird part...If we sysprep the machine locally and reboot it right away (before capturing an image) then it will run through sysprep.....weird huh? I appreciate any help anyone could provide.






      Eric C.

      IT Support Analyst



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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Two things.


          1. Your issue is probably a driver.  Check what drivers are loaded vs which ones were loaded on your previous image.


          2. Don't put the LANDesk agent on your image.  LANDesk automatically installs the agent in conjunction with Sysprep.


          The agent should not be installed on the image because of 2 reasons:

          1. It causes disappearing devices in the database due to all machines having the same device id

          2. The agent is constantly updated and change.  Software that changes often is best left off the image.

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            I've experienced a similar issue, but in a different spot during Sysprep.  After getting the image all squared away with extra storage drivers for each of our platforms, Syspreping, capturing etc., when we deploy our XP SP2 image it starts the Sysprep process, appears to find the right drivers, but hangs on "Registering Components".  I've let it sit over night to see if there was a timeout or something but it never does.  Just sits there at "Registering Components" forever.  I can't seem to find any articles stating what this portion of Sysprep is doing in detail and what I might try to fix it.



            Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  This has been a bit of a showstopper.  Everything else about the image seemed to be working fine.



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              There is a known issue with SYSPREP and Windows Media Player (WMP) where the newly patched version of WMP attempts to verify the serial number of the windows install before the PC has a chance to run the rest of the SYSPREP setup.



              There is a hotfix available from Microsoft that installs a new version of SYSPREP.



              We like to use the old SYSPREP and instead simply uninstall WMP and also don't patch WMP.   I'm not a big fan of WMP anyway becuase it installs the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing" service by defualt.   And it also rips music to the person's roaming profile by default as well.



              Hope this helps!






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                leffrt SupportEmployee


                Had this issue at a client and it turned out to be the video driver install during minisetup.  There is a Microsoft patch for this issue.  More information can be found here:












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                  I have experienced the same problem and found the issue to be with the driver for the NSC TPM Chip that is a component of certain IBM models (T42, T43 & M52). I found details of the problem in the following link:






                  To get around the issue I ensure the driver is pathed but not available during sysprep (renamed .sys files) and  use a GUIRunOnce command to correct the renamed driver files. You may be prompted for a missing driver but these can be ignored. Come the next reboot the driver is installed.



                  Hope this helps