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    question about scheduled task behavior


      LDMS 9.0 SP1


      I have a question about scheduled tasks and whether they are linked to their originating provisioning templates, configurations, etc.


      Here is the scenario:


      1. lets say that I define an agent configuration
      2. now I select some computers from unmanaged devices and I drop them onto the agent configuration that i just defined
      3. a new scheduled task is created


      Now if I inspect the scheduled task I can find absolutely nothing that definitively links that task to the agent configuration.  Yes the names appear to match but if I change the names then that rather weak link is now gone.  This leads me to believe there is no link.




      are scheduled tasks linked to their 'parent' objects in the console?  if so, how can one follow the link back to the parent item?

      if I change the parent item then do I need to do anything to the scheduled task to make sure that it reflects the changes I made when it is next run?