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    Software Distribution with policy fails with error 1620

      We have groups, which are linked with Policies in Landesk. Computers are taken up as Bare-Metal and set to the appropriate groups. If the computers start, Windows 7 is installed automatically and later the software of the groups.
      Since LD 9 SP1 it occurs frequently that several policies with the error 1620 ends. This error means that already someone accesses the file (MSI). However the files are not in treatment. The error arises also not always with the same Policy, but always differently. I install 20 computers as Bare-Metal and at the end have only 5 all Policies successfully.
      I made 50 Computers with VMware and a snapshoted them. So I can restore the computers. Downloaded two MSI (Flash players IE and Firefox) and created two Policies. I can start the Policies again and again and the result is always different. Sometimes 20 computers install, sometimes 37. Always different computers. Always another result. But the error is always the same.